Genderdruid Pride & FAQ

Welcome to my web site about the Genderdruid gender identity. This web site contains various genderdruid resources, such as build info, pride rhetoric, a list of spells, a FAQ, and a safe space.

Genderdruid definition

  1. Genderdruids are mostly AGAB folx, with some exceptions tolerated.
  2. Genderdruids experience gender.
  3. Genderdruids are powerful, or aspire to gain great power.
  4. Genderdruids identify as cute.
  5. Genderdruids follow the code of druidity: to behave with empathy, compassion, and loving kindness towards EVERY puppy, and also towards humans when they can be bothered.

Benefits of being a genderdruid

You can cast Genderdruid magicqs.
You provide a passive 15% buff to the gender of every member in your party.
30% MDEF buff from the warmage bikini robe set.

Drawbacks of being a genderdruid

Privilege buffs are no longer available from the Patriarch.
70% increase in vulnerability to DSC.
As a support-oriented gender, you are expected to be supportive, which can be a bother.

International genderdruid symbol

The international Genderdruid symbol

Please note that the able-bodied cisgender male with Unicode Consortium chairperson privilege has yet to ratify the Genderdruid symbol as part of the Unicode 12.0 standard, therefore Genderdruid initiates use PNG files to beckon one another through the use of textual symbols.

International genderdruid flag

The international Genderdruid flag

Genderdruid pronouns

Case Pronoun
Nominative angisbò
Dative dhabhnire
Genitive tucrùlad
Accusative fhéidubh
Objective gachsnodah
Vocative ràclaonach
Declarative pì-neo
Mediative gloipach
Subjective cuilhóir
Possessive achdsiud

Genderdruid secret handshake

Step 1Secret handshake
Step 2Secret handshake
Step 3Secret handshake
Step 4Secret handshake
Step 5Secret handshake
Step 6Secret handshake

Genderdruid pride rhetoric

I am a genderdruid and proud of it.
Aria Salvatrice

dang, I don’t identify as cute
a friend of Aria Salvatrice

i know right ^_^ like i have my druid powers
Chelsea E. Manning

Why do I identify as Genderdruid? After years of introspection, I have realized there are only five reasons why it’s my identity. Those reasons are very personal so I don’t wanna list them.
Aria Salvatrice

It’s a shame gender isn’t a choice because if it were I’d be a genderdruid instead of a femme-presenting eunuch-passing bigender-non-conforming vocaloid
a genderdruid making bad excuses to refuse to identify as genderdruid

do u think i can smooth talk 10 people or so into identifying as genderdruid lol i’m gonna make a page on neocities or some shit
Aria Salvatrice

Can you identify as genderdruid?

Do you wonder whether identifying as Genderdruid is ceadaichte or toirmisgte for you? Just use this handy reference table to find out!

Gender Suitability
AFAB Assigned Female At Birth Ceadaichte
AMAB Assigned Male At Birth Ceadaichte
AGAB Assigned Gamer At Birth Ceadaichte
ACAB Assigned Cop At Birth Toirmisgte
AO(s)AB Assigned Other (specify) At Birth Depends

How to start identifying as genderdruid

You can unlock genderdruidity by making a tweet in the #genderdruid tag. The following templates are available to immediately change your gender:

Dear Twitter Friends, I have recently come to the realization that I identify as Genderdruid. #genderdruid 
That TFW when u identify as #genderdruid 😂👌👌✨🔥🔥💯💯 
▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ஜ۩۞۩ஜ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
Who’s identifying as #genderdruid in 2021?
▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ஜ۩۞۩ஜ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬  
i shipped jupiter/mercury and now ive become fuckin trash #genderdruid 
BoingBoing: #genderdruid: for #millenials, nothing beats this #underground gender identity on fleek 

Genderdruid builds

Genderdruid builds

Genderdruid spells

Genderdruids can learn the following spells:

  • ◪ Sleep
  • ◪ Samadhi
  • ◪ Mime
  • ◩ Hex of the Forests
  • ◎ Curaga
  • ◆ Stonehenge
  • ◈ Slots
  • ◆ Cone of Annoyance
  • ◩ Element Scar
  • ◩ Hex of the Dagda
  • ◎ Wanderer’s Minuet
  • ◪ Magicq Mapping
  • ◭ Turn Lesser Cis
  • ◭ Turn Greater Cis
  • ◉ Mahamaon
  • ◩ Hex of Pronoun Evolution
  • ◮ Helvetica Scenario
  • ◮ Jam Extension
  • ◈ Time Zauber

Hex of the Dagda reference

Hex reference

Frequently Asked Questions

Q Do genderdruids use HRT?
A Potion usage is entirely optional, but can improve your GPS.

Q What is a typical genderdruid GPS?
A Genderdruids have more GPS than any other gender identity I know of. As of 2019, well-geared genderdruids can output up to 2100 GPS. In an experienced group comprised of a Genderdruid, a Cuck, a Chad, and an Alpha, it is not uncommon to reach 2800+ GPS, assuming the Cuck performs her role perfectly.

Q Is it cultural appropriation to identify as genderdruid if you are not a person of Celtic heritage?
A Yes.

Q Genderdruid pronouns are too difficult. Can I just use “they” instead?
A Someone tried to do that once, and she was cursed with a Hex of Pronoun Evolution, making his pronouns evolve every second, until zie apologized to the genderdruid who cursed xem. However, cursing people is not laghach, so the genderdruid also apologized to the person angisbò cursed.

Q Which toilets do genderdruids use?

Usage Location
To urinate ♂ Men’s toilets
To defecate ♀ Women’s toilets
To vomit ♀ Women’s toilets
To cast spells ⚧ Gender-neutral toilets
To chill and hang out ⚧ Gender-neutral toilets
To use the Internet ♂ Men’s toilets
To wash their hands and elbows ♀ Women’s toilets

Q Is genderdruidity a recent concept?
A Druids have existed since 200 B.C.

Q Is genderdruidity a real gender identity that IRL people identify as?
A All the genderdruids are Internet people.

Q Can I identify as genderdruid if I’m not on the Internet?
A Most genderdruid spellbooks have DRM requiring an always-on Internet connection.

Safe Space

The following circle of mistletoe is a safe space for you to practice genderdruid magicqs. You can bookmark this web site to access a safe space at all times, or save the JPEG file to your computer’s local storage and display it with a picture viewer to enjoy a safe space from the privacy of your own home or cybercafé.

Circle of mistletoe